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Did you catch us on the Cover? We are pretty excited!

Here at The Soul Nook Collective, we love everything about being part of the community in Marburg. From the old-world country feel to the history you see on every corner, there is no denying that Marburg is a pretty special part of Ipswich. This makes it all the more exciting to be the business on the cover of the Discover Ipswich Magazine for 2022!

Our fantastic new 'Pod Picnics' are shown here taking in the glorious Marburg afternoon, and if you haven't heard, they are pretty special!

Suspended from a beautifully styled a frame you can enjoy our boho swinging 'tiipii' filled with every kind of comfort including luxury pillows and throws, a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers (and of course a gourmet grazing box to enjoy) as you lean into an afternoon of relaxation under the canopy of trees lining our grounds.

Looking to book? It won't be long before our online booking form goes live, but while you wait you can email us at There has never been a better time to grab a bottle of wine and head over to soak up the best of Marburgs hospitality, right here, at The Soul Nook Collective.

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