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5 Reasons to book yourself in for a Craft workshop in Marburg (& why you will love it!)

Who can dispute that rustic is so in right now, not us at least. Nothing makes us more excited than to relax with a glass of something cold in a beautiful place.

As women, the chances we catch to enjoy moments like this are pretty few, and far between, life gets so busy. Between school runs, kids' sports, homework, work, and all the other balls we have in the air there isn't much time for us.

"There is virtue in work, and there is virtue in rest, use both and overlook neither" Alan Cohen

There really is and this is why we are so excited that we are partnering with Sip 'n' Dip Australia and Infatuate Creative for another year to bring a huge range of workshops to the shady grounds of the old Marburg Church, or as we fondly refer to it, as home.

So where is Marburg anyway?

Marburg is a quaint rural township, unplugged from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sitting between the City of Ipswich and the Somerset Region, sunny Marburg is less than 20 minutes from Ipswich CBD. As soon as you turn off the Warrego you can be forgiven for thinking you were hundreds of kms from anywhere. With the winding roads, horse paddocks, the hares darting quickly across the road, it is almost like you are transported into a peaceful version of what once was. The Marburg Pub stands proudly in the center of town 140 years young, surrounded by antique stores and the locals that have lived in the same plots of land for generations.

So why visit Marburg for an Art Workshop (5 Reasons you will love it!)

The Time Warp

Sometimes you just need to unplug (and let's face it, it can be hard to do that at home), so the rustic feel of the old Marburg church delicately with its rustic meets boho eclectic mix allows you to lean into The Soul Nook Collective for that feeling of real relaxation.

The Experience

Not your conventional learn to paint class, make candles under the canopy of trees, weave dreamcatchers in the gazebo, sit and make Kokedama plants while you listen to the breeze through the trees or create yourself a resin cheeseboard while you enjoy the country feel. Whatever you create, you will do it to the vibration of rural Queensland, without leaving the city limits.

The Venue & The Style

Love vintage, rustic, and boho all styled together into an explosion of comfort and luxury? You are in the right place! Beyond our art workshops, you can enjoy a styled picnic in one of our Tiipii tents, book a Chilled picnic on the grounds, browse the boutique on-site or simply grab a freshly ground espresso (and cake) to enjoy under the trees. Whatever floats your boat, you will want to moor it here at The Soul Nook Collective.

The Price

It's easy to think that events like this might retail for over $150 (or more) and they do, but this mini weekend escape comes in well under $100! Need another hook? The council offers generous rebates for groups that book together or travel to attend (ask us how to claim it).

The Food

Grazing platters are all the rage these days and the soul nook collective does not disappoint! All our styled picnics come with a perfect grazing box to share with just the right amount of everything to ensure your afternoon has the fuel you need to really enjoy your time here. Ready to book? Visit our events tab to see what's on, or check out our styled picnics here at The Soul Nook collective.

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